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Create challenging and cutting edge computing career possibilities by earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Montana Tech professors are experienced in the industry and have broad academic interests. Low student-faculty ratio allows close interaction with these professors on real-world projects. Enjoy easy access to lab computers and state of the art equipment and development platforms (Sun Fire Server, NAO H25 humanoid robot programming, Android app development, iPad app development, and much more).

Students graduate with practical experience designing, building, testing and maintaining software systems. Graduates are in high demand. The department has maintained 100% placement in well paying positions for over 10 years. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about these ABET accredited programs.

Abdulelah Alotaish Internship at Saudi Aramco

Abdulelah Alotaish, a junior in Computer Science at Montana Technological University, interned in his home providence of Eastern Province with Saudi Aramco during the summer of 2019.

Saudi Aramco headquarters is located in Dharan, Eastern Province. Abdulelah worked in the HR Department under Supervisor of the Career Planning Group. He began working on a Data Analysis Project to improve the traffic and utilization of the corporation website, which could only be accessed by employees.

He worked with a team of four individuals, who began the project by retrieving the website’s utilization data from the past year. After data retreatment, he analyzed and presented a quarter of retrieved data to the corporation’s personnel. This data was then used to make a decision regarding website improvement. He learned a lot from going through this learning experience by meeting and working with wide variety of individuals. Besides the project, he also had the privilege of attending four workshops and receiving two certifications, one to acknowledge becoming a facilitator and another for creating development plans for new employees.

Hunter Boles Internship at Figure Technologies

Hunter Boles, a sophomore in Data Science and Computer Science, was a Data Engineer Intern at Figure Technologies. Figure is a financial technology company that leverages blockchain, AI and analytics to deliver products to improve the financial lives of customers.

He worked primarily on analyzing and improving chatbot performance. The job required a lot of data cleaning and transformation, but he enjoyed making stunning visualizations with Tableau and Python to provide insight for chatbot performance.

Greg Marlowe Internship at Dish Networks

Greg Marlowe is a senior in Computer Science at Montana Tech.  After interviewing at the Fall 2018 Career Fair he was invited to intern at Dish Networks during the Summer of 2019 as a Software Engineer.  Greg’s work focused on a continuation of previous Montana tech students’ efforts of prototyping an in-home set-top-box to local 3rd party platform (i.e. Android, Apple, Roku, etc.) streaming solution.  Greg’s effort revised the project to use open standards and protocols to simplify deployment, scalability, and feature enhancements.  The internship was concluded with a presentation, and working demo, to peers and management.  The Dish internship program was an intensive and educational experience with exposure to many departments and opportunities and is highly recommended.

Carson Fiechtner Internship at Google

Carson Fiechtner, a senior in Software Engineering, interned with Google over the Summer of 2019. He worked on Google Maps, and was tasked with developing tools to evaluate the performance of Google Maps in vehicles. Since he was the owner of his project, he needed not only to develop the tools, but to decide which tools would have the most impact and how best to implement them. Once he finished his project, he automated the new tools and created dashboards to visualize the data they produced. Aside from his project, he also enjoyed the free food, the intern and team outings, and the generous swag giveaways.

Zachariah Valenzuela Interned at the Science Mine – Summer 2018

Digital Signage

Gaps between technology and education have been growing as the digital age progresses. Digital Signage is an attempt to bridge the gap between museum goers and technology, by providing a fully interactive exhibit catered to adults and children alike. This system not only provides a unique experience, but presents the user with the most relevant media, based on past users’ decisions.

The system was implemented using JavaScript with the Ember CLI framework, HTML, and CSS. Developing such a system meant that our team worked closely with the Science Mine curator to understand the product and bring his vision to fruition. Procuring the requirements and specifications from the customer has helped me further develop my knowledge of how the software development life cycle works in practice.