Current Students

The purpose of this part of our site is to provide current students with easy access to services they frequently use & to useful resources. These services & resources are explained below. The Department/Degrees & Options link the Resources/Courses link on the sidebar may also be useful for current students.


This link provides access for downloading several useful Windows load modules.

Tutors & Lab Assistants

This is the same link that is provided for Prospective Students.

Tutorials and References

This link provides an evolving list of a web tutorials and references that past students have found useful in completing course assignments or for independent study or research.

SE Standards

Our software engineering courses make extensive use of department specific standards that provide guidance on creating all of the artifacts associated with developing high quality  software products. These standards are continually updated as we gain experience in developing quality software products in our environment. This link provides a list of links to access or download any of these standards.

ACM Club

This link provides access to the Student ACM site.