Tutorials & References

CS/SE students are encouraged to make full use of web resources in their courses, independent studies, and research. Some of the links listed here can also be found in the Tech library web site under Subject Guides -> Computer Science -> Sources on the Web.

Suggesting additions to the following references (either Tech or Interlibrary Loan books, or web sites) to the course instructor is one way students can support their classmates and future generations of Tech CS/SE students.

Fundamentals of CS I/II

• Oracle provides a collection of excellent Java tutorials which can be found here.

Programming with C

• The ACM club at the Univerisity of Illinois provides an excellent C reference which can be found here.

Data Structures & Algorithms I/II

• A good C++ reference can be found here.

Database Design

• A good collection of tutorials and references for SQL is provided by w3schools.com & can be found here.

Embedded Systems

• 8052.com provides a good 8051 assembly tutorial which can be found here.

• The University of Virginia provides a nice guide to Intel x86 assembly which can be found here.

Software Design

•  Microsoft provides an excellent collection of C# references which can be found here.