The atmosphere in our department is vibrant with the faculty and students engaged and empowered to pursue projects and innovative ideas, working individually and together. We combine theoretical and hands-on education for rigorous skill development with a solid foundation in fundamentals supporting continuous learning. We welcome diversity in both students and faculty and have the most desirable program in the science and engineering of software and data.


Provide our students with an educational experience in the science and engineering of software and data that will equip them to pursue satisfying careers locally and globally.

Department Goals

  1. Overall:
    • Create an educational environment that welcomes diversity and promotes acceptance, compromise and collaboration within and between all our constituents.
    • Assess and revise our programs and processes to assure we achieve continuous improvement such that we continue to meet the changing needs of all our constituents.
    • Provide computer science education, expertise and project collaboration to the institution, and the local and extended community.
    • Be identified as a valued resource by the institution and the community.
  2. To our students:
    • Create an educational environment that fosters creative thinking, innovative ideas, and problem solving through collaboration and teamwork.
    • Provide fundamental courses in computer programming, computer systems, computer science, software engineering and data science to students in our programs and to Montana Tech students in other programs.
    • Provide scholarships and work opportunities that enable our students to realize their educational objectives.
    • Equip our graduate school-bound students with broad problem-solving abilities and the ability to pursue research and add to the knowledge of the field.
    • Equip our industry-bound graduates with broad problem-solving abilities and the ability to engineer effective and robust products such that they are strong workplace contributors from the start.
    • Provide an environment that encourages student participation in research.
  3. To industry:
    • Provide strong graduates who are workplace contributors from the start.
    • Provide graduates with excellent education in the knowledge areas needed by their future employers.
  4. To our faculty:
    • Provide an environment where our faculty can grow professionally and explore research interests.
    • Provide a workplace that is efficient in operations and fair in work distribution.
    • Recognize and reward excellence.
  5. To the institution:
    • Honor Montana Tech’s departmental guidelines and obligations, and pursue departmental growth and excellence.
    • Operate in an efficient and effective manner both financially and productively.