Many scholarships are available to Montana Tech students in general. In addition to any other scholarships you are awarded you can earn additional computer science department scholarship funds through our REAL Scholarship. Application for the REAL is available to prospective students from January 31 through April 30 each year.

Some additional scholarship links are listed below.


Scholarship Deadline Scholarship for Women in STEM May 1st
Women in Computer Science Scholarship from May 1st
PortalFront July 1st
Education Portal April 1st
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) March 1st to May 15th
Intel STS November 14th
Xerox Minority Scholarship Opens Jan 1st
Microsoft Scholarships February 1st
AISES Scholarships June 14th
Online CS Scholarship Directory Various
Scholarships for Minorities Various
Buildium’s Build U. Scholarship April 1st and Oct 1st

Note there are many other external Computer Science and Software Engineering scholarships available that can be found by searching the Internet.