Facebook Group

The CS Department is using the Facebook group site: Mtech Computer Science Department for social networking. Anyone on Facebook should be able to view this site, but it would be splendid if all members of the CS faculty, many current students, many alumni, and any others interested in contributing content or comments would become site members. We would like to use this site to (1) announce any items of interests to our faculty, students, or alumni, and (2) to discuss any issues (technical or non-technical) that are of interest to our faculty, students, or alumni.

To become a member of the CS Department group Facebook site you must be a member of Facebook. If you have a Facebook account you can go directely to our site by clicking here. (If you are not currently logged into Facebook you will be asked to login before seeing our page.) On our page on the top right should be an “Ask to Join Group” button you can click to request membership in our CS Department Facebook group. Making such a request generates email to the group administrator. When he or she grants your request Mtech Computer Science Department will show up on your left Facebook sidebar under GROUPS. If you make a request, “Request Sent” will appear instead of the “Ask to Join Group” button until the group administrator grants your request..

For those who would like to be a member of our group, but don’t want to really be “on Facebook”, please be advised that you can set up an essentially private Facebook account by setting permissions appropriately.

We also maintain a departmental Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MontanaTechDepartmentofComputerScience

Graduates and Faculty