ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

The Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) selected the Montana Tech Department of Computer Science as a regional host site for the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) beginning in 2017.

The ACM ICPC regional sites now include Colorado Mesa University, the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Alberta, the University of Arizona, and Montana Technological University. Our site becoming a regional ICPC site for the annual contest means that teams from Montana Tech, Montana State University, University of Montana, Rocky Mountain College, Carroll College, and any of the Colleges and Universities within the RMC area, including Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Eastern Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Mexico can participate at our site location for ICPC contests.

Upcoming 2018 ICPC Information

More information will be posted here, including hotel and other arrangements, for the upcoming 2018 ICPC contest. If you have any questions, please contact the site coordinator below.

Additional Information

ACM ICPC can be found at

Previous Contest Standings can be found at

Montana Tech Computer Science Department can be found at

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Site Coordinator Information

Phillip J. Curtiss, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
1300 W. Park Street, MUS 105
Butte, Montana 59701
(406) 496-4807,

2017 Site Results

The 2017 contest was held on Veteran’s Day weekend (11/10 – 11/11) with the Department entering four (4) teams in a field of fifty-two (52) from various colleges and universities throughout the RMC area. One of the Montana Tech teams, Keeb Krew consisting of Michael Fryer, Kenny Schmit, and Trevor Brooks, placed tenth (10) in the rankings, solving five (5) of the eleven (11) problems with a total time (including penalty) of four-hundred forty-eight (448) minutes. The other teams: J-Team, consisting of Justin Bak, Jesse Anderson, and Joseph Walker, placed forty-second (42), solving three (3) problems with a total time of three-hundred thirty-one (331) minutes, while the Diggers++ team, consisting of Dalton Caron, Max Austin, and Zachariah Valenzuela placed forty-sixth (46) solving two (2) problems with a total time of fifty-six (56) minutes, and team ||Diggers, consisting of Ronda Boyle, Marcus Frisbee, and Josh Baldwin placed forty-eighth (48), solving two (2) problems with a total time of two-hundred thirteen (213) minutes.