Computer Science

Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to get a computer system to perform a desired function. Learning to program a computer is an essential part of computer science. Programming is used in almost all of our computer science courses and most of our software engineering courses. As a Computer Science major you will learn details about how computers and networks operate, with an emphasis on how software and programming languages interact with the hardware. You will also learn about the theory behind how computers and software work. During your upper level years in the program, you will complete an industry internship, which gives you real world experience. The Computer Science degree is accredited by the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) CAC (Computing Accreditation Commission).

Computer Science Curriculum Overview

The Computer Science degree begins with a Freshman Seminar course designed to introduce first year students to the fields of computer science and software engineering, the research of department faculty, and to professionals in the field. The students are introduced to programming and calculus in their first year. In the sophomore year students study discrete structures, embedded systems, and database management. Students build on their programming knowledge with a full year of data structures and analysis of algorithms. In upper division courses students branch into areas such as software engineering, computer architecture, operating systems, theory of programming languages, artificial intelligence, networking, web science and the theoretical foundations of computing. Historically, computer science developed out of mathematics, and Computer Science majors automatically complete the requirements for a Mathematics Minor by completing the computer science degree requirements.

Computer Science Focus Areas

As a Computer Science major,  you may select a focus area, or concentration, in your junior and senior year, in consultation with your advisor. 

Computer Science Curriculum Worksheets

A breakdown of the curriculum is given in the four-year curriculum worksheet. Your advisor will provide you with assistance regarding your choice of electives.

Computer Science Curriculum Worksheet

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