Dr. Michele Van Dyne

Michele Van Dyne

Professor and Department Head

B.S. University of Montana, 1981
M.S. University of Montana, 1985
Ph.D. University of Kansas, 2003

Contact Information



Museum 204B

Academic Interests

Artificial intelligence in general, machine learning in particular
Mutli-agent systems, both cooperative and competitive
Image processing

Personal Highlights

I grew up in Montana, and after almost 20 years away, living in the Midwest and doing applied research in artificial intelligence, I am very thankful to be back home. I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, kayaking, and Montana in general. I have a quirky, yet wonderful house built in 1890 that keeps me amused and confused with its mystifying glitches, concurrently keeping me busy with repairs. (Why does a light switch in the basement turn on the fan in the fireplace insert upstairs? Just what is in that two foot mystery space between the walls?) I also like to read, and am in a book club named Almost Famous.