CSCI 494


1 Cr. (Hrs.:1 Lec.)

Investigations in the Computer Science and Software Engineering fields. Students will report on their internship experience, present their senior design projects, and/or present their undergraduate research. Faculty and guest speakers will discuss current issues in computer science and software engineering. Students will take an exam covering their computer-related coursework. This is a required seminar for computer science and software engineering seniors. Prerequisite: Senior standing or Consent of Instructor. (2nd)

Course generally offered spring (2nd) semester.

Course Outcomes:

R1. Students made one 35 to 40 minute technical presentation on a topic related to their internship, senior design project, undergraduate research project, or area of personal interest. (CS: 3; SE: 3)

R2. Students attended seminars by faculty members concerning the need for professional development, historical perspectives, and societal issues relating to computer technology. (CS: 4; SE: 4, 7)

5-2-3 - Local and global impacts of computing solutions on individuals, organizations, and society