CSCI 444

Data Visualization

3 Cr. (Hrs.:3 Lec.)

Covers the principles, methods, and techniques for effective visual analysis of data. Students will use both common and special software packages to explore different visualization applications. Students will learn how to formulate 3-D numerical models, translate 3-D models into graphical displays, and create time sequences and pseudo-animations. The course covers interactive versus presentation techniques and special techniques for video, DVD, and other media displays. Prerequisite: CSCI 112 or CSCI 117 or CSCI 135. (2nd)

Course generally offered spring (2nd) semester.

Course Outcomes:

R1. Produce high quality visuals involving scatter plots, time series, contours, histograms, relational data, geographically distributed data, multi-component datasets, simulation output, 3-dimensional datasets and animations.

R2. Provide insights into how information is perceived, and how models of perception can be exploited to improve the quality of visualizations.

R3. Develop skills for the statistical analysis of data.

R4. Strengthen the students' programming and computer skills.

R5. Deliver a theoretical background sufficient for students to understand whatever visualization packages they may encounter in the future.

R6. Prepare the students for employment or graduate work in areas that employ visualizations to communicate information.