CSCI 321

Systems Design Process

3 Cr. (Hrs.:-2 Lec.)

Articulates the areas of computer technology, systems analysis, and systems design. Students are involved in designing complete computing systems for a range of applications, from the small business system to a large mainframe environment. Prerequisite: CSCI 110 or CSCI 114 or CSCI 135. (1st)

Course generally offered fall (1st) semester.


E1. Knowledge of an Operating System

E2. Some Programming Skills

E3. Problem solving concepts

Course Outcomes:

R1. Students will articulate what a system is, the components of information systems, and the stakeholders of information systems development.

R2. Students will articulate the phases of information system development, comparing and contrasting different types of development processes and methodologies.

R3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of what is involved in project management and systems analysis.

R4. Students will create data models, process models and prototypes.

R5. Students will create user interface prototypes for input and output

R6. Students understand the economic, social and environmental impact of poor user interfaces along with contemporary issues in usability.