CSCI 311

Data Driven Web Applications

3 Cr. (Hrs.:3 Lec.)

Students learn to develop data driven web applications. Topics include front-end and back-end frameworks, a modern database system, Javascript, web design principles and user-centered design. Students get a chance to develop a simple web application of their choice. . Prerequisites: CSCI 112, CSCI 114, CSCI117 or CSCI 135 or consent of instructor. (2nd)

Course generally offered spring (2nd) semester.


E1. Students understand and can use data types, variables and constants, assignments, arithmetic and Boolean expressions, selection and repetition control structures, arrays and events. (Programming Course)

E2. Students are able to test and debug programs. (Programming Course)

Course Outcomes:

R1. Students can specify web content structure using a markup format.

R2. Students can create a database and write simple queries on databases.

R3. Students can use a back-end framework to create web applications that interact with a database.

R4. Students can use a front-end framework and JavaScript to validate form input and enhance their web applications.

R5. Students understand web design principles, can apply them and can critique sites.

R6. Students understand user-centered and responsive design and have incorporated the development of these into a web application.