CSCI 117

Programming with Matlab

3 Cr. (Hrs.:2 Lec., 3 Lab)

An introduction to problem-solving methods and programming techniques using the Matlab programming package. The student will learn to construct efficient and easy to understand programs for engineering and scientific applications. Corequisites: M 151 (1st, 2nd)

Course generally offered fall (1st) and spring (2nd) semesters.


E1. Basic computer skills and familiarization with the Windows desktop environment, including web browsing, email, text editing, and file manipulation.

Course Outcomes:

R1. Students examined a problem and developed an algorithm to solve it.

R2. Students learned basic programming specification and modular design techniques.

R3. Students were able to enter and run computer program written in Matlab.

R4. Students learned to perform basic testing and debugging techniques.

R5. Students learned about Matlab's scalar data types, variables, assignment statements, and arithmetic and boolean expressions.

R6. Students learned to use Matlab's built in library functions and create user-defined functions.

R7. Students learned how to visualize data using Matlab plot functions.

R8. Students learned to use control structures for selection, branching, and looping.

R9. Students learned to read and write data to files.

R10. Students used one and two dimensional arrays.

R11. Students learned when to use vectorized expressions in Matlab.