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Joseph Beaudry Internship

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Joseph Beaudry a junior in Computer Science completed his internship with The Department of Labor and Industry in Helena this past summer. Joseph worked for The Employment Relations Division which handles claims for unemployment and worker’s compensation. Joseph worked closely with the teams lead software developer to build software for their WCAN (Worker’s Compensation Administration Network) application used by state employees all across Montana for filing claims for unemployment and workers’ compensation. Joseph primarily work with Java, SQL and Oracle. Joseph’s main task for the summer was to build a newer version of the software’s automated wizards that are more user friendly and help the users process claims more efficiently. Joseph also helped design a new application for maintaining the users and their roles in the databases. This included meeting with lead software developers to come up with a design that worked for them along with writing the software, the requirements, and documentation.

He was able to use a lot of what I learned in his course work at Montana Tech to help develop and maintain new software systems. In 2015 after his freshman year Joseph received an email about an internship with the DLI from Tami. They were looking for an intern that had some experience in Java and He then sent in the resume that he made in Celia’s freshman seminar and was hired for the summer. When he finished his internship in 2015 they liked his work and hired him on as a temporary employee with great pay and full benefits.


Recent Internships

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IMG 2358

Vernon Foley had a Software Engineer Intern position this summer at EchoStar in Englewood, CO. EchoStar is a Satellite Communications company that offers hardware and software to support to satellite television and telecommunication companies. EchoStar is developing an internal program that tracks their agile software development process and user stories. Vernon’s project was to work on finalizing some new features to help managers better estimate the timeline to implement new features. Due to software and server upgrades his project changed to upgrading to the latest version and merging the changes into the open source base product. The challenges presented in a software maintenance can be exhilarating and frustrating to say the least. The biggest challenge was finding the correct positions to place code when dealing with the changing software architecture. Working with the program required Vernon to learn and use Perl and CGI scripting to merge older in house changes into the new code. Most of the code that he used on the job was learned on the job. Knowing how to implement data structures and strong problem solving skills allows learning a new language to be much easier. Vernon’s favorite part of the Internship was being able to work with a tight knit team and accomplish his goals.


Ross Mitchell Interned at Montana Tech

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Ross Mitchell, a senior student in Computer Science, interned here at MT Tech during the school year. He was assigned to work with a team of MT Tech staff and students that was assembled to work on a project called the Army Research Lab (ARL) Task 002: Innovations in Materials Processing and Additive Manufacturing. He helped design and build a database to maintain the data that was generated by this project. The ultimate goal of this project is to discover and describe the relationships between processing parameters, microstructure characteristics and mechanical properties used to build replacement parts. The results of this research project will be used in the decision-making process about whether parts produced using Additive Manufacturing will be a viable alternative to buying and stockpiling billions of dollars’ worth of parts that may or may not be used. 

During his time working on the project, Ross was able to use the knowledge learned during his studies and apply it to a large real world project. The opportunity to participate in a cross-department research project that has real world impact on which direction a client will proceed represents one example of why the computer science curriculum covers such a wide variety of topics.  


Josh Lee at Computers Unlimited

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Josh Lee at Computers Unlimited Josh Lee, a senior in Computer Science and Software Engineering, interned at Computers Unlimited, in Billings Montana over the summer. During his time at Computers Unlimited he was assigned to the Medical Billing Department, and had the privilege to be able to work on two major projects. The first project he worked on was on the later end of integrating a new clearing house into Computers Unlimited’s TIMS software. For the second project he helped with implementing a new billing system for medical gases for one of Computers Unlimited’s clients.

During his time at Computers Unlimited he learned much about service based architectures, SQL optimizations, and the importance of unit testing. Overall Josh would describe the culture at Computers Unlimited as fun and laid back. “Everyone there was always happy to lend a hand if you even needed help, just make sure you don’t break the build”, said Josh.


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