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Placement & Careers


Our graduates have always been able to find a job to their liking or get into a good graduate school program. This has been true even in past tough job markets. We are proud of our placement record.

The information shown below is obtained from the Montana Tech Career Services department. The number of graduates reporting starting salaries is shown in parentheses. A minimum of 4 graduates reporting salary is needed to determine an average The average starting salary for software engineering graduates is higher than the combined average provided in the table. Please contact Career Services (406-496-4140) if you have any questions about this information.

Year Number of CS Graduates
Number of SE
Percent Placed Average starting salary
2015 5 3 100% N/A
2014 4 5 100% N/A
2013 5
100% N/A
2012 3 (2) 1 100% I/D
2011 0
100% I/D
2010 2
100% $56,800
2009 4 (2) 3 (2) 100% $60,650
2008 2 (1) 3 (2) 100% I/D
2007 7 (5) 5 (4) 100% $47,070
2006 8 3 100% $45,820

Because of the cyclical nature of the businesses and industries for which Montana Tech trains its students, placement statistics vary from year to year & should not be viewed as representative of permanent opportunities four years hence. The data given should, instead, be viewed only as an informational resource in the career-planning process.

Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about the survey information. For additional information view the entire survey online at:



Our graduates are prepared for exciting careers as software developers, software engineers, database administrators, systems analysts, network specialists, computer business application specialists, & many other stimulating & challenging positions in the growing computer industry. In the U.S. software is more than an $80 billion dollar business and US News ranked Software Developer as the #1 career in 2014.

CBS's 15 Best Jobs for 2013 includes:

#1 Software developer
#4 Computer systems analyst
#6 Computer systems administrator
#8 Information security analysts, web developers and computer network architects
#11 Computer programmer

The 100 Best Jobs for 2014 as ranked by US News has five computer science related fields in their top 15:

#1 Software developer
#2 Computer systems analyst
#9 Web developer
#11 Information security analyst
#12 Database administrator

CareerCast's  Job Ratings for 2013 includes:

#3 Software engineer (was #1 in 2012)
#7 Computer systems analyst and have  additional information on career opportunities for computer science graduates.wendell offers more insight into the demand for software developers and coding in general. The site includes 3 videos of varying length featuring a variety of famous people and their experiences with coding. The 5 minute video is available through this direct YouTube link.

While the majority of our graduates work in the software industry, one can major in computer science and do anything after graduation. Potential careers include medicine, law, politics, any type of science or engineering, and even the arts. In fact three of our recent graduates have gone to complete medical school - two of whom were featured in a 2010 MNews article.