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Prospective Students

Welcome to the Montana Tech Department of Computer Science web site! One of the purposes of this site is to provide information that might help you decide to undertake a career in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Another purpose is to give you some idea about what is involved in pursuing a degree in either Computer Science or Software Engineering in our department - both from an academic and a social perspective. The Home -> About This Site link provides an overview of all the information on this site. One easy way to get an idea about the subject matter of Computer Science & Software Engineering is to go through our REAL Scholarship modules. These modules are available from October 1 through April 30.

Below is an overview of what Computer Science & Software Engineering are and how they differ from one another.

Computer Science

Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to get a computer system to perform a desired function. Learning to program a computer  is an essential part of such a task. Computer programming is used in almost all of our computer science courses and most of our software engineering courses. As a computer science major you will learn details about how computers and networks work, but with an emphasis on how software and programming languages work. You will also learn about the theory behind how computers and software work.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering focuses on how to design and build robust software products that reliably deliver valuable services year after year. You will take many of the same courses as you would in computer science, but you will take additional courses that teach you about topics like software requirements, software design, and software testing. You will also learn about working with people (communication, management, working with non-technical customers), methodologies for developing software, and how to measure and analyze a software system.