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KapsuleProto is a prototype of a commercial web/database application which will provide essential oil well data to field petroleum engineers on an Apple iPad. KapsuleProto uses Google Maps to display the geographical location of oil wells stored in a data base. Clicking on an oil well on the map displays summary information about that well and links to more detailed information:

This project was proposed by a Montana Tech senior in petroleum engineering, Kris Kaperi, as a one semester senior design project that Kris planned to later develop into a subscription web site application. Montana Tech juniors in computer science and software engineering, Brent Donoven and Chris Brandt joined Kris's senior design project team to convert the Microsoft Excel prototype Kris had constructed into a web/database application that Kris could demo to prospective investors. Brent and Chris undertook this project as a one credit independent study (about 30 hours total) and promised only to deliver a working web site with a map displaying clickable oil well icons. They delivered on their promise and more. Chris Brandt is presently doing an internship with Kris's company to extend KapsuleProto to a viable commercial product.

To view KapsuleProto point a Firefox browser at The user name and password are both guest. The pink icons on the map indicate wells and are clickable along with the graph icon along the bottom of the page. The mini-map in the upper right corner of the page is an expanded view of the same area as shown on the main map. When a well icon is clicked a window appears with summary information about that well and several buttons for additional information. The buttons are not active in KapsuleProto. After a well is selected clicking on the graph icon brings up a graph of costs associated with that well. All of the well data in KapsuleProto is fictitious and for demonstration purposes only.

Google Map functions are also available. Holding down the left mouse locks the map to the cursor so moving the cursor moves the map. Left clicking on the left slide bar zooms the map to more or lest detail.

KapsuleProto is good example of the kind of real-world projects that Montana Tech computer science and software engineering students get to work on to apply and sharpen the software development skills they study in their courses.