Department of Computer Science

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Dr. Michele Van Dyne

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B.S. University of Montana, 1981
M.S. University of Montana, 1985
Ph.D. University of Kansas, 2003

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Museum 204B

Academic Interests:

  • Artificial intelligence in general, machine learning in particular

  • Multi-agent systems, both cooperative and competitive
  • Robotics

  • Image processing

Personal Highlights:

I grew up in Montana, and after almost 20 years away, living in the Midwest and doing applied research in artificial intelligence, I am very thankful to be back home. I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, kayaking, and Montana in general. I have a quirky, yet wonderful house built in 1890 that keeps me amused and confused with its mystifying glitches, concurrently keeping me busy with repairs. (Why does a light switch in the basement turn on the fan in the fireplace insert upstairs? Just what is in that two foot mystery space between the walls?) I also like to read, and am in a book club named Almost Famous.