Department of Computer Science

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Internship at Yahoo

Casey Flynn, a senior in Computer Science, attended an internship at Yahoo! over the summer. Located in Sunnyvale, California Yahoo is currently the fifth most visited website in the world with over 1 billion active users per month. During his internship Casey worked in search on the Build Your Own Search Service team, dedicated to providing rich search capabilities to third party developers. His projects included working on Yahoo’s new search platform, and developing an android application to showcase Yahoo’s latest search offerings (vision search).

Along with working with cutting edge technology, Casey was exposed to the Yahoo culture. This includes complementary meals, drinks, and full service coffee bars. Free meals and drinks weren't the only thing he was exposed to while at the Sunnyvale campus; Casey was also afforded the opportunity to meet with industry leaders in big data, machine vision, and mobile development. Currently, Casey is interviewing with Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft and says “The coolest thing about Yahoo was the opportunity to work with a company that operates on a global scale. Receiving that kind of exposure has made me much more attractive to the top tech companies.”