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CodeMontana to be housed at Tech

codemtPressCodeMontana, a program for introducing high school students across Montana to computer coding, will now be administered by Montana Tech through the Computer Science Department. The program was created by Greg Gianforte and Rob Irizarry to introduce junior high and high school students to computer programming at earlier ages. CodeMontana’s relocation is being made possible by a gift of $220,000 from the Gianforte Family Foundation. 

CodeMontana will continue as the same program, but its new home will offer further mentorship for CodeMontana students from current Computer Science students at Tech. The added mentorship will encourage students to complete CodeMontana and motivate them to choose a career in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Montana Tech will continue to offer the $4000 CodeMontana Scholarship to students who complete the first 4 modules and have a Math ACT score of 24 or higher.

“I’m a firm believer that computers are here to stay,” said Greg Gianforte, founder of RightNow Technologies in Bozeman. “We need to enable our kids to not just be consumers of digital devices, but to be masters of digital devices. This kind of pre-college training prepares them for high wage jobs and great careers. Entrusting CodeMontana to Montana Tech is a logical choice to retain these students for our thriving high tech industry in Montana.” 

"As a founder of CodeMontana I'm excited to see it move to the next level of growth through the generous donation of the Gianforte Family Foundation and the stewardship of Montana Tech, which will make this important program available to many more students across the state of Montana and contribute to the growth of Montana's high tech economy," said Rob Irizarry. 

In addition to relocating CodeMontana to Montana Tech, a $220,000 gift from the Gianforte Family Foundation will allow Tech to hire a full-time coordinator to administer CodeMontana and recruit Computer Science students from Montana high schools. 

“I want to thank the Gianforte Family Foundation for the donation,” said Montana Tech Chancellor Don Blackketter.  “This is a tremendous opportunity for our faculty and students to work closely with future Montana Tech Orediggers. From our first year experience, we know this program will help Montana Tech recruit the finest Computer Science students from across Montana.”

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