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Summer-Fall 2014 Internships

Over the summer and fall of 2014, at least nine Montana Tech computer science and software engineering students interned at a wide variey of companies, from Amazon and Cobalt in Seattle, to Echostar in Colorado and CISCO in Silicon Valley to several local companies in Butte. If a student enrolls in the Internship course, we asked them to share their internship experiences on the Computer Science Department website. Make sure to read the entire article and return for additional internships as students submit their reports.  Articles about Garrett Brown, Justin Emge, Scott Fleener, and Haythem Memmi are below. Not all students signup for internship credit, so there are many additional companies where our students are interning each summer.

Garrett NCHCI Fall2014Garrett Brown, a double major in Computer Science and Software Engineering entering his senior year, spent the summer and fall of 2014 with the National Center for Healthcare Informatics in Butte. His work was on designing and implementing a full profile mission scenario for an Air Force Special Forces training simulation. His role consisted of researching technologies that could be applied to adding realism to the scenario, such as force feedback, as well as creating content for the scenario. For most of the internships duration, Garrett worked with the help of a technical director and a former Air Force Para-rescue man. Throughout the internship, Garrett worked closely with representatives of the companies whose technologies were to be integrated into the simulation environment. The project uses existing technologies with Python and Lua scripts communicating between them. Using geographic information system (GIS) technologies and the MACE/VRSG simulation environment, he developed a realistic training scenario. Garrett learned of this internship through the faculty of Montana Tech, as it is a local organization.

 Justin-standupJustin Emge (pictured on the right), a senior in Computer Science, completed an internship at Cobalt in Seattle. Cobalt is the largest global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions in the automotive industry. During the internship, he used a wide variety of technologies to create an open source plugin for JIRA. JIRA is used by Cobalt to plan and track work completed by software engineers and costumer support. In order to give management an easy to use, high level view of progress of ongoing projects, he and two other interns from the University of Washington created a plugin called Epic Work View for JIRA. This plugin allows users to monitor work being completed in real-time, and forecasts for when portions of a project will be completed. At the end of the internship the plugin was released on the JIRA plugin marketplace and is currently installed on 55 active JIRA instances worldwide.

Justin found the internship online and applied. A few months after applying, he was contacted by Cobalt and had a phone interview which led to an internship opportunity. During the internship, Cobalt arranged workshops to learn about the technologies used at the company. Also, the 30 interns, met at weekly lunches to get to know each other and discuss the various project each team was assigned. Justin enjoyed his time at Cobalt and believes the skills he acquired while working there will benefit him in the future.

Scott Fleener, a junior in Computer Science, interned at EchoStar Corporation in Englewood, Colorado. EchoStar is one of the largest providers for digital satellite television in the world. During the internship, he worked with the satellite set top boxes, primarily on maintenance of the codebase for the boxes. In addition, he had the opportunity to work on the communication protocols between the set top boxes and the outdoor satellite units. The primary languages he worked with were C and Make.

In addition to the software engineering experience, Scott and the other interns at EchoStar were invited to many networking events, including Colorado Rockies baseball games, Budweiser factory tours, mountain hikes, and office volleyball tournaments. For housing, all of the interns were housed in an extended stay hotel less than a mile from the EchoStar corporate offices. During his time at EchoStar, Scott gained valuable experience in Software Engineering and many had many great networking opportunities.


Over summer 2014, computer science senior Haythem Memmi interned at Cisco Systems in their headquarters in San Jose, CA. Haythem was part of the Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco Systems. GTG leads the telepresence market worldwide and uses cutting edge technologies that Haythem has the chance to work on and explore.

Haythem’s internship started in mid May 2014. During the first week of his internship Haythem was part of a team of interns who won first place in a local computer science competition at Cisco where around twenty teams were competing.

During his internship, Haythem worked on implementing a dashboard for CTG’s products to keep track of vital information such as defect rates, escalations, customer satisfactions ratios, usability bugs, software defects per million usage hours per month (SWDPMH ), etc

Haythem interacted with several engineers and manager from CTG’s offices in the San Jose, RTP, the UK, India and Japan. Designing a system that fits the requirements of all of those teams was very challenging and involved multiple meeting with the teams. The project was also challenging at a technical level as most of the API’s and internal tools were not very well documented. Haythem had to reach out to experts within the company to get advice related to using those tools. The project was mainly developed in Java and worked within WebEx Social.

Management at Cisco was impressed with the pace and quality of work and decided to double the size of the project. Haythem was up to the challenge and he extended his work so that it serves more products within the department. Upper management at Cisco continued to be very happy with the project and decided to take it to the next level. Meetings between Haythem and his managers led to the decision of scaling the project even more and making it independent from WebEx Social.

As the size of the project got bigger, another engineer joined the team. Haythem’s internship was extended over the fall semester, and he was working remotely from Butte with an engineer in the UK and his managers from Texas and California. Earlier this semester Cisco offered Haythem a full time position.

Recently, Haythem interviewed with some of the top tech companies including: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter. Haythem has accepted an offer from Microsoft in the Seattle area and will begin working for them on January 5th.