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ACM Club Starts Year Strong


The first ACM club of the year was well attended by both returning and new students. Perhaps it was the free pizza that got the 25 members to attend the first meeting of the year on September 9th. The members discussed the upcoming Homecoming events, including the bed race (they placed 2nd this year!), royalty, and the Race to the M. Other activities they discussed were LAN Parties, Competitive Programming practices and competitions, and a spring industry trip.



The deadline to RSVP for various homecoming events is Friday September 12, which means we need to decide which events we have people interested in participating in, and get them ready for next week. The winning club from homecoming week gets a prize of $1000, with second and third place receiving $500 and $250 respectively. This means that we should try and do as much as we can to try and get that money to fund things like industry trips or other activities.

If any of the following events are of interest to you, let us know so we can get the form into ASMT by the deadline:

Bed Races: We have a bed ready for this, it is currently undergoing modifications. If you're interested in riding in the bed during the race, let us know. We'll also need people to push it at the starting line, so if people can swing by the race next Friday (September 19 - lineup is 11am, races start at noon) we could use some muscle.

Royalty: If you are interesting in being the ACM's king or queen, the Royalty dinner is at 7 at Casagranda's, and is free. Free dinner, gets points for the ACM - let us know if you're up for it!

Quadrathalon: Technically a best of 3 competition with 5 events, this is an individual event, and as far as we know you don't need to register in advance. Just show up, let them know you're representing the ACM, and have a good time. The events are pool, shuffleboard, darts, foosball, and ping pong.

Race to the M: A four legged relay race leading from the MG parking area to the M, we could use people who are willing and able to participate in this event for us. We've sent a team regularly, and I hope to see us send one again.

Window Painting / Banner: There are two art/spirit events this year, a window painting of a window of the SUB, and a hanging banner. The theme this year is Digger Nation (so Tech colors, symbols, etc). If anyone has an eye for this sort of thing and wants to go for it, let us know and start on a design - they need to be approved by ASMT before they'll let you start painting.

Float: As far as I know, we've never run a float in the homecoming parade, so it might be a little late to get one together for this year. If someone wants to take charge of this event, however, don't let that stop you. Even if it's not ready in time for next week, it would give us a foundation for future years.

Saturday Events: There will of course be the homecoming football game played the Saturday at the end of homecoming week, which ASMT mentioned would be where your chance to win $1000 would be announced (unlike the prize for clubs this is for the individuals, but if you want to donate....). Also there will be a ladies' volleyball game in the HPER. From 


ACM007 ACM008

LAN Parties:

This Friday we will be having our first LAN party of the year. This will be like those we've had in the past - for our new members, that means that people will start to arrive in the museum lab after 6 pm Friday (you can come later, but after 8 pm you will need to contact security to get in the door), and stay until we decide we can't go on any longer (usually 2-3 am). Bring your own computer and Ethernet cable (we might be able to scrounge up a spare, but don't count on it); you can use the monitors, keyboards, and/or mice of the lab if you desire, or can bring your own peripherals. We have a couple games that we like to play that we can distribute, but if there's something you would like to do, don't be afraid to speak up. At this time we are not able to connect to the internet during these events, but hopefully in the near future we will correct this issue allowing for games such as League of Legends or Dota 2. We tend to order pizza from Dominos during the course of these events. Bring cash if you want in on the order.


Competitive Programming:

This Saturday we hope to have a get together in the museum lab to go over Competitive Programming - assuming people are interested. If you want to learn about competitive programming's structure and important information, let us know so we can set up a time for this meeting. If you are a freshmen and feel like this might be out of your league for now - go for it anyway! We can try to find a team of upperclassmen for you to group with if you're interested, and there's no reason not to try practice problems even if you don't think you can compete at this time.



In the past we've had multiple LAN parties per month, but if people are interested in getting together as a club for other entertainment activities, there are other ways to have fun without dragging your set-up across town and back. If people are interested in having events to play board games (talking about things like Arkham Horro, Descent, and the like - but if you're more of a monopoly fan that's something we could do too), or even tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, please let us know!

Keith Vertanen is also looking for people to help with his research on touch screen keyboard interaction - you want to make an easy $20, contact him to set up a time. I believe it will take about 15-25 minutes.