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REAL Scholars Earn Additional Scholarship Funds by Coding

KennySchmitSTrevorBrooksSThe CS Department wants to acknowledge the accomplishments of future Montana Tech students Kendall Schmit (left) and Trevor Brooks (right) for recently completing the first REAL Scholarship programming challange - the Odd Sum Problem.  We hope this encourages all REAL scholars to complete at least the first program in Module 5 (to view without creating an account, enter student and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). If you can get a working program for this problem, Prof. Ackerman ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) will help you get it accepted by the online UVa judge.

Very few high schools currently teach the basics of programming, so most REAL scholars do not even attempt the first program in Module 5. In general, those that succeed have been teaching themselves some programming. While it's helpful to have friends or family members that can help you get started programming, there is a lot of really good tutorial material on the web (,, and our CSCI 135 Online course) that will help give you the skills to complete the first two programs in Module 5.

Kendall is from San Diego and he first learned to program in QBASIC under his father’s instruction. Later he taught himself JavaScript so he could use Unity 3D to program video games. He started taking programming classes  at Palomar College while in high school to familiarize himself with the languages required to develop native apps for OS X and iOS (C and Objective C). Besides getting used to languages like C and Java, he got much better at programming in general. Kendall also enjoys playing the drums in small band and has played few small gigs. He looks forward to everything about attending Montana Tech next fall.

Trevor attends Skyview High School, but spends half of the school day at the Billings Career Center which offers more specialized courses and facilitates his independent study on programming this year. He started teaching programming to himself by learning HTML and later Java.  This past fall he was in CodeMontana and completed the first four modules learning the basics of JavaScript. He looks forward to studying more programming and diversifying his language base when he comes to Montana Tech next fall to double major in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

We want to congratulate Trevor on recently completing the other two programs in Module 5.  Trevor is the first REAL Scholar to ever complete the third problem (The Cat in the Hat).

None of these problems require sophisticated programs. The Cat in the Hat problem may appear formidable at first, but Prof. Ackerman will supply a hint to anyone who has a running start on this problem. This hint makes the problem not much more difficult than the second problem.

We encourage all of our high school applicants to do some of the REAL modules so they can earn some scholarship money. Why? Because we have data that shows incoming freshmen that complete some of these modules have a better chance of succeeding in our program than those that don't. And as with our regular academic programs, our faculty stands ready to help anyone that is really trying to get over any rough spots.

Those students that decide to participate in the CodeHS or CodeMontana programs to learn some coding are eligible for an additional $4000 scholarship. Please visit our CodeMontana Scholarship page for more information.