Department of Computer Science

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Freshman SE Student Enjoys CSCI 135 Game Assignments

k rudy1Kaitlyn Rudy shows off her latest CSCI 135 Java program, Bombs Away. Kaitlyn took some time off to figure out what she wanted to get out of earning a bachelor's degree and returned to Montana Tech last spring to begin a Software Engineering (SE) degree. She started out in the Programming with C class to see if she really likes the challenge of creating programs for computers. Turns out she really does! Kaitlyn is now in the CSCI 135 Fundamentals of Computer Science I class. She finds this to be a challenging class, but really enjoys the exciting multi-media demos (like filling the screen with an increasing swarm of moving, colliding, and bouncing circles of all sizes and colors) that Professor Vertanen uses to spice up his lectures. She thinks Java programming assignments like Double-or-Nothing, Mars Lander, Staying Alive, Guitar Hero, and Bombs Away are fun. These assignments, along with the support she gets from the instructor, her advisor, and fellow students, keep Kaitlin motivated. [video to be added next semester]