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Haythem Memmi Prepares for Grad School

Haythem at Monte Carlo Methods In Artificial Intelligence workshop.

Haythem Memmi, a recent transfer student from Tunisia, has stayed busy with classes and undergraduate research at Montana Tech since his arrival 7 months ago. He has taken nine computer science classes, started a research project with Dr. Vertanen, attended a Monte Carlo Methods In Artificial Intelligence workshop, and been accepted at a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at Texas State University.

Over his spring break, Haythem received an all expenses paid trip to Oregon State University to attend a Monte Carlo Methods In Artificial Intelligence short course . He was one of twenty students accepted into the course from over 200 applicants. Haythem greatly enjoyed learning about Monte Carlo methods while working with other students from across the country.  The picture shows Haythem (center) at the workshop.

Haythem is majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He transferred to Montana Tech with a strong background in mathematics and science, so he enrolled in 5 computer science classes in the fall and 4 more computer science classes in the spring, along with several other required courses from outside the department. Even with his high course load, he was looking for more academic activities so he joined a competitive programming team and began an undergraduate research project last fall.  His research project on optimizing touch screen interaction in mobile devices for visually-impaired users is being supervised by Dr. Keith Vertanen. Their project was recently featured in a Montana Standard article.  

Haythem will spend his summer working at Texas State University in their Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. He is not sure which group he will work with, but he is looking forward to performing more research in preparation for enrolling in graduate school in 2015.