Department of Computer Science

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The Brain Team!


The NASA Lunabotics Contest ( awards a big chunk of points to any team that can field a robot that can gather at least 10 Kg of synthetic moon soil all by herself. To do that the robot needs at least some rudimentary intelligence. She must navigate around the contest "sand box" on her own, avoid the pits and boulders in the obstacle area, mine some synthetic moon soil, go back to the NASA LunaBin, unload her mined soil, and repeat this process as many times as she can in 10 minutes. Last year's Tech entry, Molly Moon Miner (discussed an article below) was just a remote controlled device. The senior design team shown above (clockwise from the bottom left: Reid Alford, Jordan Yates, Zach Wormgoor, and Mitch Meyer) has taken on the challenge of creating the infrastructure to provide the next Tech entry with enough on-board "smarts" to take just a "go" signal from "home" and do the job just described without any futher instructions.