Department of Computer Science

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Would-be Creature From Outer Space Visits the CS Department


Meet Molly Moon Miner (MMM). She lives very quietly (turned off - we have to keep recharging her to keep her alive!) in the basement of Main Hall in the new Software Engineering Laboratory. Our senior software engineers are working hard to give her eyes and some brains so when she is let loose at the NASA Lunabotics contest she can win the contest for Montana Tech without any remote guidance from Tech's mining students! Actually it won't be Molly who gets to go to Cape Kennedy in 2014, but her yet-to-be-built daughter Polly (PMM). Meanwhile, Molly is letting our seniors use her too-heavy frame, her treads that keep falling off, her sticky shovel, and her smoothly-working bucket as a test vehicle for their in-the-making software.