Department of Computer Science

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Professor Awarded Undergraduate Research RAMP Grant

robot 2On the last day of the fall semster, Montana Tech awarded Prof. Frank Ackerman a RAMP/URP grant to commence research on using virtual robots in virtual environments to aid in the development, maintenance, and deployment of real robots in real environments. The screen shot is from one of the project's first experiments: creating a mechanism in Autocad 3dsMax, inserting it into the Alice virtual environment, and then creating Alice code for a simple movement. 

In this project Prof. Ackerman, his CS Department volunteer, architect/artist Phil Winninghoff, and a team of as many as four freshman, sophomore, or junior undergraduates will conduct many such experiments with several different virtual environment systems. One immediate project goal is to support the development of the software engineering Senior Design team's project to provide fully autonomous operation for a NASA contest robot that can mine the surface on the moon.