Data Science

Data Science is a new and exciting field that combines the disciplines of computer science and statistics. Data scientists work with scientific and business data to find patterns in the data that can inform decisions and actions. Learning to program a computer is an essential part of data science, as is using that programming skill along with extensive statistics knowledge to discover patterns and trends that in data that is too large for analyze by hand. As a Data Science major you will learn details about how statistical methods can be used to discover patterns and how to manipulate statistical analyses by programming. You will also learn about the theory behind statistical methods and experimental design.

Data Science Curriculum Overview

The Data Science degree begins with a sequence of courses designed to introduce first year students to programming and calculus in their first year. In the sophomore year students study introductory statistics, discrete structures and databases, along with a full year of data structures and analysis of algorithms. In upper division courses students branch into areas such as probability, software engineering, regression and model building, Bayesian inference, statistical machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational machine learning.

Data Science Curriculum Worksheets

A breakdown of the curriculum is given in the four-year curriculum worksheet. Your advisor will provide you with assistance regarding your choice of electives.

Data Science Curriculum Worksheet

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