Mr. Jeff Braun

Jeff Braun

Associate Professor

B.S. Color School of Mines, 1986
M.S. University of Utah, 1989
M.S. University of Montana, 1998

Contact Information


Museum 208

Academic Interests

Scientific Data Visualization
High Performance Computing - currently developing Montana Tech's HPC infrastrucure
Data Structures, Algorithms, and system courses

Personal Highlights

I grew up in Colorado and studied Geophysical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines because it combined my two main interests – geology and computers. After earning a Master’s Degree in Geophysics at the Univ. of Utah, I spent over five years working in the petroleum industry in California and Louisiana. In 1995, I happily returned to the Rocky Mountain region, got married, and began work on a second Master’s Degree, this time in Computer Science at the Univ. of Montana. I started working at Montana Tech in 1998 as a Research Associate and I began teaching computer science full time in 2001.

I enjoy living in Butte because it offers fantastic recreational opportunities, including skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and trail running. I am the Ski and Snowboard Club advisor and the instructor for Montana Tech's Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding class that meets Tuesday afternoons at Discovery Ski Areas ( ). I have hiked the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) from Canada through Colorado. I am a member of and assist the Continental Divide Trail Society (CDTS). In 2008, I became involved with Butte’s P&M Runners, which organizes the annual Wulfman’s CDT 14K trail race.