CSCI 599

Computational Science Project

3 Cr. (Hrs.:0 Lab)

An individual research or design project in computational science. The project will be interdisciplinary in nature combining computing within a domain specific scientific discipline. Student will select a faculty member within their discipline and within the Department of Computer Science to act as project advisors.
Prerequisite: M 526, Mathematical Modeling or CSCI 577, Computer Modeling and Simulation (On Dem.)

Course Outcomes:

R1. Maintain a project journal – either electronic or in a notebook – that documents the activities involved in the design, development, and presentation of the project. This information should be a running log of work performed, challenges encountered, changes to the project as a result, and remedies performed.

R2. Develop a detailed project proposal that must include:
a. A thesis statement related to their scientific domain
b. Goals and Objectives for the project upon completion
c. A description of how the results of this project will further their work within their scientific domain
d. A high-level set of tasks required to complete the project
e. A high-level timeline showing work effort and task completion for the project

R3. Be able to develop a coded solution that implements their project with an emphasis on:
a. Validation and unit testing
b. Modularity and portability
c. Parallelization
d. Documentation that incorporates specific use cases for their project results

R4. Provide a final presentation of project to project advisors, highlighting the anticipated goals and objectives of the project

R5. Provide a final report submitted to the project advisors detailing the experience of developing this project – mostly from the maintained journal.