CSCI 194

Freshman Seminar

1 Cr. (Hrs.:1 Lec.)

Required introduction to the Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. Students will discuss what it means to be a professional in the fields of computer science and software engineering, meet professionals in these fields, and hear about the wide range of employment opportunities. Throughout the course students will meet the faculty of the Computer Science Department and learn of their diverse expertise. By the end of the course, each student will have developed a resume and a career plan and will have learned how a Tech education prepares them for rewarding employment. (1st)

Course generally offered fall (1st) semester.


E1. An interest in computer science or software engineering.

Course Outcomes:

R1. Students met the computer science faculty and heard about some of their professional interests. (SE: 7)

R2. Students met some computer professionals and learned about their companies, job activities, and work environment. (SE: 7)

R3. Students are aware of the variety of jobs in computer science and software engineering and have an idea of what these jobs entail. (SE: 7)

R4. Students appreciate the need to plan their careers and begin thinking about their futures in computer science; they developed a working résumé along with a fictional cover letter and have thought about and prepared a paper on their computer science career. (CS: 3; SE: 3, 7)

R5. Students are aware of economic, environmental and societal impacts of computing, and the existence of the ACM Code of Ethics (ACM), the Software Engineering Code of Ethics (IEEE-CS/ACM), and the Data Science Code of Professional Conduct (Data Science Association). (CS: 4; SE: 4)